Characters in As You Like It
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Name: 1Lord in Arden
Search Name: 1Lord-Arden.Ld.AYL
Description: unnamed (2.1, 4.2)

Name: Adam
Search Name: Adam.Srv.AYL
Description: a kindly old servant of Sir Rowland de Boys, devoted to Orlando

Name: Amiens
Search Name: Amiens.Ld.AYL
Description: a follower of Duke Senior, and a singer

Name: Audrey
Search Name: Audrey.AYL
Description: a country wench, a

Name: Celia
Search Name: Celia.La.AYL
Description: daughter of wicked Duke Frederick, friend of Rosalind;

Name: Charles
Search Name: Charles.AYL
Description: a wrestler

Name: Corin
Search Name: Corin.AYL
Description: a kindly old shepherd

Name: Dennis
Search Name: Dennis.AYL
Description: a servant to Oliver (no entries)

Name: Duke Frederick
Search Name: Frederick.Dk.AYL
Description: wicked younger brother of the banished Duke Senior; father of Celia

Name: Duke Senior
Search Name: Senior.Dk.AYL
Description: banished by his usurping brother; father of Rosalind

Name: First Lord to Duke Frederick
Search Name: 1Lord-Court.Ld.AYL
Description: unnamed (2.2)

Name: First Page
Search Name: 1Page.AYL
Description: unnamed

Name: Hymen
Search Name: Hymen.God.AYL
Description: god of marriage

Name: Jaques
Search Name: Jaques.Ld.AYL
Description: a melancholy old lord

Name: Jaques de Boys
Search Name: Jaques.DeBoys.AYL
Description: third son of Sir Rowland du Boys

Name: Monsieur LeBeau
Search Name: LeBeau.Ld.AYL
Description: a courtier in Frederick's court

Name: Oliver
Search Name: Oliver.Knt.AYL
Description: eldest son of Sir Rowland du Boys

Name: Orlando de Boys
Search Name: Orlando.Gent.AYL
Description: 2d son of Sir Rowland de Boys; loves Rosalind

Name: Phebe
Search Name: Phebe.AYL
Description: a shepherdess, beloved of Silvius, who falls for Rosalind as Ganymede

Name: Rosalind
Search Name: Rosalind.La.AYL
Description: daughter of the banished Duke; loves Orlando;

Name: Second Lord to Duke Frederick
Search Name: 2Lord-Court.Ld.AYL
Description: unnamed (2.2)

Name: Second Lord to Duke Senior
Search Name: 2Lord-Arden.Ld.AYL
Description: unnamed (2.1, 4.2)

Name: Second Page
Search Name: 2Page.AYL
Description: unnamed

Name: Silvius
Search Name: Silvius.AYL
Description: a shepherd youth in love with Phebe

Name: Sir Oliver Martext
Search Name: Martext.Rev.AYL
Description: a rural priest

Name: Song
Search Name: NP.Song.AYL
Description: unassigned, no speech prefix (burden in 4.2 and Songs in 2.5, 5.4)

Name: Touchstone
Search Name: Touchstone.AYL
Description: a court jester

Name: William
Search Name: William.AYL
Description: a clown (no entries)

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