Characters in Double Falsehood
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Name: Angelo
Search Name: Angelo.Dk.DF
Description: Duke of Andalusia, Spain

Name: Camillo
Search Name: Camillo.Don.DF
Description: father of Julio

Name: Citizen
Search Name: Citizen.DF
Description: unnamed

Name: Don Bernard
Search Name: Bernard.Don.DF
Description: father of Leonora

Name: Fabian
Search Name: Fabian.Gent.DF
Description: friend of Lopez; eavesdrops on Henriquez

Name: First Shepherd
Search Name: 1Shepherd.DF
Description: unnamed

Name: Gentleman
Search Name: Gentleman.Gent.DF
Description: unnamed

Name: Gerald
Search Name: Gerald.Srv.DF
Description: a servant

Name: Henriquez
Search Name: Henriquez.Don.DF
Description: younger son of Duke Angelo; rapes Violante, then goes for Julio's betrothed, Leonora

Name: Julio
Search Name: Julio.Don.DF
Description: betrothed to Leonora

Name: Leonora
Search Name: Leonora.La.DF
Description: Julio's betrothed; escapes marriage to Henriquez by swooning

Name: Lopez
Search Name: Lopez.Gent.DF
Description: friend of Fabian; eavesdrops on Henriquez

Name: Master Shepherd
Search Name: Master.DF
Description: unnamed

Name: Roderick
Search Name: Roderick.Don.DF
Description: elder son of Duke Angelo, assists the injured Violante

Name: Second Shepherd
Search Name: 2Shepherd.DF
Description: unnamed

Name: Violante
Search Name: Violante.La.DF
Description: after being raped by Henriquez; all is forgiven and she marries him

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