Characters in Cymbeline
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Name: Belarius
Search Name: Belarius.Ld.CYM
Description: has kidnapped the two infant sons of Cymbeline, and (calling himself Morgan) raises them as his own

Name: Caius Lucius
Search Name: Caius.CYM
Description: Roman ambassador and commander

Name: Cymbeline
Search Name: Cymbeline.Kg.CYM
Description: King of Britain

Name: Doctor Cornelius
Search Name: Cornelius.Dr..CYM
Description: a physician, supplies the queen with fake poison

Name: Dutchman
Search Name: Dutchman.CYM
Description: guest of Philario (no entries)

Name: First Brother
Search Name: 1Brother.CYM
Description: unnamed

Name: First Gentleman
Search Name: 1Gent.CYM
Description: unnamed presenter (1.1)

Name: First Jailer
Search Name: 1Jailer.CYM
Description: unnamed

Name: First Lord
Search Name: 1Lord.Ld.CYM
Description: unnamed (1.2, 2.1)

Name: First Senator
Search Name: 1Senator.CYM
Description: unnamed

Name: Frenchman
Search Name: Frenchman.CYM
Description: guest of Philario (no entries)

Name: Iachimo
Search Name: Iachimo.Gent.CYM
Description: a villain; he pretends to have made Posthumus a cuckold

Name: Jupiter
Search Name: Jupiter.God.CYM
Description: descends from the heavens to hear the pleas of the ghosts of Posthumus's family (5.4)

Name: Lady Helen
Search Name: Helen.La.CYM
Description: a lady attending on Imogen (no entries)

Name: Matron
Search Name: Mother-ghost.CYM
Description: ghost of an unnamed mother (5.4)

Name: Messenger
Search Name: Mess.CYM
Description: unnamed (5.4)

Name: Philario
Search Name: Philario.Gent.CYM
Description: an Italian friend of Posthumus, whom he introduces to Jachimo (1.4, 2.4)

Name: Philharmonus
Search Name: Soothsayer.CYM
Description: a Soothsayer

Name: Pisanio
Search Name: Pisanio.Gent.CYM
Description: servant to Posthumus; ordered to kill Imogen, he spares her, disguising her as Fidele

Name: Posthumus Leonatus
Search Name: Posthumus.Gent.CYM
Description: the exiled husband of Imogen; orders Pisanio to kill her

Name: Prince Arviragus
Search Name: Arviragus.Prn.CYM
Description: second son of Cymbeline, kidnapped in infancy by Morgan and brought up as her child, known as

Name: Prince Cloten
Search Name: Cloten.Prn.CYM
Description: son of the Queen, stepson to Cymbeline; desires Imogen and intends to rape her

Name: Prince Guiderius
Search Name: Guiderius.Prn.CYM
Description: Cymbeline's eldest son, Imogen's brother; kidnapped and raised by Belarius under the name of

Name: Princess Imogen
Search Name: Imogen.Prn.CYM
Description: daughter of King Cymbeline

Name: Queen
Search Name: Queen.Qn.CYM
Description: wife to Cymbeline

Name: Roman captain
Search Name: Roman.Capt.CYM
Description: attends on Lucius (4.2.)

Name: Second British captain
Search Name: 2Brit.Capt.CYM
Description: unnamed; arrests Posthumus, supposing him to be an enemy (5.3.)

Name: Second Brother
Search Name: 2Brother.CYM
Description: unnamed

Name: Second Gentleman
Search Name: 2Gentleman.Gent.CYM
Description: unnamed presenter

Name: Second Lord
Search Name: 2Lord.Ld.CYM
Description: unnamed (1.2, 2.1)

Name: Second Senator
Search Name: 2Senator.CYM
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Sicilius Leonatus
Search Name: Sicilius.CYM
Description: father of Posthumus, appears as a ghost to plead with Jupiter to assist Posthumus

Name: Song
Search Name: NP.Song.CYM
Description: unassigned, no speech prefix (2.3)

Name: Spaniard
Search Name: Spaniard.CYM
Description: guest of Philario (no entries)

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