Characters in Coriolanus
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Name: Aedile(s)
Search Name: Aedile.COR
Description: unnamed officers who attend on the tribunes

Name: Boy
Search Name: Boy.Martius.COR
Description: Martius Jr., son of Coriolanus (no entries)

Name: Caius Martius
Search Name: Coriolanus.Gen.COR
Description: titled Coriolanus for his victory over the Volscians at Corioli

Name: Citizen of Rome
Search Name: 4Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Citizen of Rome
Search Name: 5Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Citizen of Rome
Search Name: 6Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Citizen of Rome
Search Name: 7Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Cominius
Search Name: Cominius.Gen.COR
Description: a Roman general

Name: Conspirator
Search Name: 1Conspirator.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Conspirator
Search Name: 2Conspirator.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: First Citizen of Rome
Search Name: 1Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (1.1, 2.3, 4.6)

Name: First Lord
Search Name: 1Lord.Ld.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: First Messenger
Search Name: Mess.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: First Officer
Search Name: 1Officer.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: First Senator of Corioles
Search Name: 1Senator.Corioles.COR
Description: unnamed (1.2, 1.4)

Name: First Senator of Rome
Search Name: 1Senator.Rome.COR
Description: unnamed (1.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.3, 5.5)

Name: First Servant
Search Name: 1Servant.Srv.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: First Soldier
Search Name: 1Soldier.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: First Watch
Search Name: 1Watch.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Gentlewoman
Search Name: Gentlewoman.COR
Description: attends on Virgilia (no entries)

Name: Herald
Search Name: Herald.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Junius Brutus
Search Name: Junius.Trib.COR
Description: a Tribune of the people, enemy to Coriolanus

Name: Lieutenant to Aufidius
Search Name: Lieutenant.COR
Description: unnamed (4.7)

Name: Lord
Search Name: 3Lord.Ld.COR
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Menenius Agrippa
Search Name: Menenius.Ld.COR
Description: a senator of Rome, devoted to Coriolanus

Name: Patrician
Search Name: Patrician.COR
Description: unnamed (3.1)

Name: Roman
Search Name: Roman.COR
Description: unnamed (4.3)

Name: Second Citizen of Rome
Search Name: 2Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (1.1, 2.3, 4.6)

Name: Second Lord
Search Name: 2Lord.Ld.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Second Messenger
Search Name: 2Mess.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Second Officer
Search Name: 2Officer.COR
Description: unnamed (2,2)

Name: Second Senator of Corioles
Search Name: 2Senator.Corioles.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Second Servant
Search Name: 2Servant.Srv.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Second Watch
Search Name: 2Watch.COR
Description: unnamed (5.2)

Name: Sicinius Velutus
Search Name: Sicinius.Trib.COR
Description: a Tribune of the people, enemy to Coriolanus (1.1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.3, 4.2, 4.6, 5.1, 5.4)

Name: Third Citizenof Rome
Search Name: 3Citizen.COR
Description: unnamed (2.3)

Name: Third Conspirator
Search Name: 3Conspirator.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Third Roman
Search Name: 3Roman.COR
Description: unnamed (1.5)

Name: Third Servant
Search Name: 3Servant.Srv.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Titus Lartius
Search Name: Lartius.Gen.COR
Description: a Roman general (1.4, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 3.1)

Name: Tullus Aufidius
Search Name: Aufidius.Gen.COR
Description: Volscian commander, emulous adversary of Coriolanus

Name: Valeria
Search Name: Valeria.La.COR
Description: a lady of Rome

Name: Virgilia
Search Name: Virgilia.La.COR
Description: milquetoast wife of Coriolanus

Name: Volscian Guard
Search Name: Volscian.COR
Description: unnamed

Name: Volumina
Search Name: Volumnia.La.COR
Description: Coriolanus's resolutely unnurturing mother

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