Characters in Henry VI, Part 3
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Search Name: Messenger.3H6
Description: unnamed

Name: Duke of EXETER
Search Name: Exeter.Dk.3H6
Description: Thomas, Duke of EXETER, a leader of the Lancastrian faction

Name: Duke of NORFOLK
Search Name: Norfolk.Dk.3H6
Description: a supporter of the York faction (no entries)

Name: Duke of SOMERSET (3)
Search Name: Somerset.Dk.3H6
Description: switches sides in the York-Lancaster conflict; the character is conflated from two different historical dukes of Somerset

Search Name: umberland.Erl.3H6
Description: supports the Lancastrian faction

Name: Earl of OXFORD
Search Name: Oxford.Erl.3H6
Description: a supporter of the Lancastrian faction

Name: Earl of Rutland
Search Name: Rutland.Erl.3H6
Description: son of Richard, Duke of York (1); (in the play but not in history, the youngest son); killed in battle while still a boy by Clifford the younger (Clifford-Jr)

Name: Earl of WARWICK
Search Name: Warwick.Erl.3H6
Description: a key player in the Wars of the Roses, now for the Lancastrian faction

Search Name: Westmerland.Erl.3H6
Description: fights for Henry VI

Search Name: Edward4.Kg.3H6
Description: earl of March, becomes King Edward IV; eldest son of Richard, Duke of York

Search Name: Edward.Prn.3H6
Description: PRINCE of Wales, son of Henry VI; joins his mother, Queen Margaret, in command of the Lancastrian forces; slain by the Yorkist brothers, Edward, George, and Richard

Name: FATHER that hath killed his son at the B
Search Name: Father.Sldr.3H6

Name: First KEEPER
Search Name: 1Keeper.3H6
Description: unnamed

Name: First WATCH
Search Name: 1Watch.3H6
Description: unnamed

Search Name: Clarence.Dk.3H6
Description: Duke of CLARENCE, second son of York, bro. to Edward IV and Richard III

Name: King HENRY VI
Search Name: Henry6.Kg.3H6
Description: a weak and pious ruler; slain by the Yorkists

Name: King LEWIS XI
Search Name: Louis.Kg.3H6
Description: of France, insulted by Edward IV's marriage to Lady Grey; allies himself with Warwick and Margaret

Name: Lady BONA
Search Name: Bona.Prn.3H6
Description: sister of the King of France

Search Name: Lieutenant.Lt.3H6
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: Lord HASTINGS (2)
Search Name: Hastings.Ld.3H6
Description: prime minister; in R3, beheaded by Richard

Name: Lord RIVERS
Search Name: Rivers.Ld.3H6
Description: brother of Queen Elizabeth; in R3, put to death by Richard

Name: Marquess of MONTAGUE
Search Name: Montague.Mrqs.3H6
Description: brother and ally of Warwick (1.1, 1.2, 4.1, 4.8, 5.1)

Name: MAYOR of York
Search Name: Mayor.3H6
Description: a reluctant supporter of the York faction

Search Name: Nobleman.Ld.3H6
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: POST
Search Name: Post.3H6
Description: unnamed

Search Name: Elizabeth.Qn.3H6
Description: Lady Gray, a suitor to Edward IV; later queen

Name: Queen MARGARET
Search Name: Margaret.Qn.3H6
Description: wife of Henry VI; in 1H6, a na´ve maid; in 2-3H6, a warrior; in R3, an embittered virago

Search Name: Richard.Dk.3H6
Description: afterwards Duke of GLOUCESTER and (in R3) king of England

Name: RICHARD Plantagenet
Search Name: York.Dk.3H6
Description: Duke of YORK (1), claimant to the throne, in opposition to King Henry; killed on the orders of Queen Margaret

Name: Second KEEPER
Search Name: 2Keeper.3H6
Description: unnamed

Name: Second SOLDIER
Search Name: 2Soldier.Sldr.3H6
Description: unnamed (Q only)

Name: Second WATCH
Search Name: 2Watch.3H6
Description: unnamed

Name: Sir John MONTGOMERY (4.7)
Search Name: Montgomery.Knt.3H6

Name: Sir John MORTIMER
Search Name: Mortimer.Knt.3H6
Description: uncle to Richard, Duke of York (1); (1.2), (no entries)

Name: SON that hath kill'd his fathe at the Ba
Search Name: Son.3H6

Name: Third WATCH
Search Name: 3Watch.3H6
Description: unnamed

Name: Young CLIFFORD
Search Name: Clifford-Jr.Ld.3H6
Description: a Lancastrian, hated by the Yorkists as the killer of Rutland

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