Characters in Henry V
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Name: Alexander COURT
Search Name: Court.Sldr.H5
Description: a soldier in Henry's army (no entries)

Search Name: Alice.Ms.H5
Description: a French gentlewoman, teaches English to Princess Katherine (no entries)

Name: Ancient PISTOL
Search Name: Pistol.Anct.H5
Description: a former follower of Falstaff, serves in the French campaign; quarrels with Fluellen

Name: Archbishop of CANTERBURY
Search Name: Canterbury.Archbp.H5
Description: defends Henry's invasion of France rather than risk forfeiture of church real estate

Search Name: Bardolph.H5
Description: quondam friend of Falstaff and Prince Hal; hanged for stealing a pax

Name: Bishop of ELY
Search Name: Ely.Bp.H5;
Description: conspires with Archbishop of Canterbury to retain church real estate by supporting a war on France

Name: BOY
Search Name: Boy.H5
Description: unnamed

Name: Capt. GOWER
Search Name: Gower.Capt.H5
Description: a messenger to the Lord Chief Justice

Search Name: McMorris.Capt.H5
Description: an Irish captain

Name: Captain JAMY
Search Name: Jamy.Capt.H5
Description: a Scottish captain fighting for the English

Search Name: Chorus.Chor.H5
Description: the presenter and choric commentator

Name: Corporal NYM
Search Name: Nym.Cpl.H5
Description: a companion of Falstaff

Name: Duke of BEDFORD (1)
Search Name: Bedford.Dk.H5
Description: Prince John of Lancaster, the king's younger brother

Name: Duke of BOURBON
Search Name: Bourbon.Dk.H5
Description: a commander for the French

Name: Duke of BRITAIN
Search Name: Britain.Dk.H5
Description: a French commander

Name: Duke of BURGUNDY (1)
Search Name: Burgundy.Dk.H5
Description: brokers the peace treaty between France and England

Name: Duke of EXETER
Search Name: Exeter.Dk.H5
Description: an uncle of King Henry; ambassador to France

Name: Duke of ORLEANS
Search Name: Orleance.Dk.H5
Description: a French commander

Name: Duke of YORK (2)
Search Name: York.Dk.H5
Description: the leader of the vanguard (this figure and the Aumerle of R2 represent the same historical personage) (no entries)

Search Name: Grandpre.Erl.H5
Description: French commander who counts his chickens before they have hatched

Name: Earl of CAMBRIDGE
Search Name: Cambridge.Erl.H5
Description: with Scroop and Gray conspires to kill the king

Name: Earl of SALISBURY
Search Name: Salisbury.Erl.H5
Description: an English commander

Name: Earl of WARWICK
Search Name: Warwick.Erl.H5
Description: one line, possibly an error for Duke of Exeter (4.8) (no entries)

Search Name: Westmerland.Erl.H5
Description: a commander of the the royal army

Name: English HERALD
Search Name: Eng.Herald.H5
Description: unnamed

Search Name: 1Ambassador.H5
Description: of France, brings King Henry a gift of tennis balls

Search Name: Fluellen.Capt.H5
Description: a Welsh captain and student of warfare

Name: French CONSTABLE
Search Name: Constable.H5
Description: leads the French forces

Name: French SOLDIER
Search Name: Soldier.Fren.H5
Description: unnamed (no entries)

Name: GOVERNOR of Harfleur
Search Name: Harfleur.Gov.H5
Description: yields the city to Henry V.

Name: John BATES
Search Name: Bates.H5
Description: a soldier in Henry's army

Name: King of FRANCE
Search Name: France.Kg.H5
Description: defeated by the English

Name: King HENRY V
Search Name: Henry5.Kg.H5
Description: forsakes Falstaff, busies the nation's giddy mind with foreign wars

Search Name: Rambures.Ld.H5
Description: a French commander

Name: Lord SCROOP
Search Name: Scroop.Ld.H5
Description: with Cambridge and Gray, conspires to kill King Henry

Search Name: Mess.H5
Description: any unnamed messenger (2.4, 3.7, 4.2)

Name: Michael WILLIAMS
Search Name: Williams.Gent.H5
Description: a soldier who questions whether the war is just

Name: Mistress QUICKLY
Search Name: Ms-Quickly.Ms.H5
Description: an innkeeper's wife, given to lewd malapropisms

Search Name: Montjoy.H5
Description: the French Herald (= Q1 French Herald)

Name: Prince LEWIS
Search Name: Dauphin.Prn.H5
Description: the Dolphin, eldest son of the King of France

Name: Princess KATHERINE
Search Name: Katherine.Prn.H5
Description: won by King Henry as war booty

Name: Queen ISABEL
Search Name: Isabel.Qn.H5
Description: of France

Name: Sir Thomas ERPINGHAM
Search Name: Erpingham.Knt.H5
Description: an old officer who lends the king his cloak (no entries)

Name: Sir Thomas GRAY
Search Name: Gray.Knt.H5
Description: with Cambridge and Scroop, conspires to kill the king

Search Name: Thomas.Prn.H5
Description: Duke of Clarence, youngest brother to the king (Q only)

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