Characters in Much Ado about Nothing
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Name: Balthasar
Search Name: Balthasar.Srv.ADO
Description: attendant on Don Pedro, a singer

Name: Benedick
Search Name: Benedick.Ld.ADO
Description: of Padua; a lord, a companion of Don Pedro, loves Beatrice

Name: Borachio
Search Name: Borachio.Gent.ADO
Description: a follower of Don John

Name: Boy.ADO
Search Name: Boy.ADO
Description: (n/a)

Name: Conrade
Search Name: Conrade.Gent.ADO
Description: a follower of Don John

Name: Count Claudio
Search Name: Claudio.Erl.ADO
Description: of Florence; an insecure cad, and a companion of Don Pedro

Name: Dogberry
Search Name: Dogberry.Ofcr.ADO
Description: buffoonish constable who speaks in bushisms; in charge of Verona's night watch

Name: Don Antonio
Search Name: Don-Antonio.Ld.ADO
Description: an old man, brother of Leonato

Name: Don John
Search Name: Don-John.Ld.ADO
Description: bastard brother of Don Pedro

Name: Don Leonato
Search Name: Don-Leonato.Ld.ADO
Description: Governor of Messina

Name: Don Pedro
Search Name: Don-Pedro.Ld.ADO
Description: Prince of Aragon

Name: First Lord
Search Name: 1Lord.Ld.ADO
Description: only speech: "It is, my lord."

Name: First Watchman
Search Name: 1Watch.Ofcr.ADO
Description: one of Dogberry's guard

Name: Friar Francis
Search Name: Francis.Friar.ADO
Description: a priest; presides at the wedding of Claudio and Hero

Name: George Seacole
Search Name: n/a
Description: a member of Dogberry's watch (no entries)

Name: Innogen
Search Name: n/a
Description: (Q1 ghost character) Leonato\'s wife, n/a

Name: Lady Beatrice
Search Name: Beatrice.La.ADO
Description: Leonato's fatherless niece

Name: Lady Hero
Search Name: Hero.La.ADO
Description: Leonato's daughter

Name: Margaret
Search Name: Margaret.Ms.ADO
Description: a waiting-gentlewoman attendant on Hero

Name: Messenger (1.1)
Search Name: Mess1.ADO
Description: messenger

Name: Messenger (3.5)
Search Name: Mess3.ADO
Description: (n/a)

Name: Messenger (3.5)
Search Name: n/a
Description: Messenger, unnamed (3.5), no entries

Name: Messenger (5.4)
Search Name: Mess5.ADO
Description: (n/a)

Name: Second Watchman
Search Name: 2Watch.Ofcr.ADO
Description: one of Dogberry's guard

Name: Sexton
Search Name: Sexton.Ofcr.ADO
Description: judge for the trial of Borachio

Name: Song (5.3)
Search Name: NP.Song.ADO
Description: unassigned; no speech prefix

Name: Ursula
Search Name: Ursula.Ms.ADO
Description: a waiting-gentlewoman attendant on Hero

Name: Verges
Search Name: Verges.Ofcr.ADO
Description: the Headborough, Dogberry’s partner

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